Dutch Prime Minister Rutte wins out against far-right challenger

By Peter Schwarz, 17 March 2017

Wilders’ poorer than expected result does not signal an end to the sharp shift to the right in European politics.

German Left Party joins right-wing campaign against Turkey

By Ulrich Rippert, 16 March 2017

The German Left Party has heartily welcomed the undemocratic ban imposed on Turkish politicians by the Dutch government.

The Dutch elections and the danger of fascism

Socialist Party advocates nationalist and xenophobic programme in Dutch elections

Federal judge halts new Trump travel ban

By Patrick Martin, 16 March 2017

The ruling cites numerous statements by candidate Donald Trump declaring his intention to bar Muslims from entering the United States.

US Republican congressman defends racist diatribe against immigrants

Immigrant workers in US brace for more workplace raids

Auto bosses, UAW join Trump at Michigan event to push nationalism and militarism

By Niles Niemuth, 16 March 2017

While signaling his readiness to boost company profits by weakening fuel economy standards, Trump called for the unity of employers and workers on the basis of economic nationalism.

US unions back Trump’s ultra-right “America First” program

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European court rules in favour of headscarf ban at workplaces

By Peter Schwarz, 16 March 2017

The ruling serves to strengthen the Islamophobic and xenophobic tendencies that are growing throughout Europe.

US Fed lifts interest rate and reassures markets

By Nick Beams, 16 March 2017

The US stock markets rose after the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.25 percent but concerns were voiced over the divergence between the world’s three major central banks.

AFRICOM spearheads escalation of US “scramble for Africa”

By Eddie Haywood, 16 March 2017

The head of the African command warned the US Senate that more military resources are needed to pursue Washington’s predatory interests on the continent.

US-backed South Sudanese regime organizing genocidal crimes, UN report finds

Notes on police violence
Alabama police officer cleared in 2014 shooting of man holding wallet

By Kevin Martinez, 16 March 2017

Dashcam video of the shooting released only this month shows Michael Davidson writhing in agony after being shot by a police officer while exiting his car with his wallet in his hand.

More on police violence in America »

Chicago schools and water infrastructure plagued by lead contamination

By our reporter, 16 March 2017

Chicago schools and the city’s water infrastructure contains lead piping that expose the population to the danger of lead poisoning.

Rockford, Illinois public school employees go on strike

By George Gallanis, 16 March 2017

While school workers have demonstrated their determination to fight, behind the scenes AFSCME officials are seeking to cut a deal that will accept the bulk of management’s demands.

Top British state schools exclude working-class children

By Alice Summers, 16 March 2017

Studies show that social class is the defining factor in a child’s educational achievement.

Notes on London housing crisis
Inflated prices and a dire shortage of new housing in London

By Allison Smith, 16 March 2017

In Westminster, 7,794 residents live in temporary accommodation and one in 25 residents is homeless.

IMF demands “decisive action” on Sri Lankan austerity cuts

By Saman Gunadasa, 16 March 2017

The global institution has ramped up its pressure on the government to further slash social spending and speed up the privatisation of state-owned enterprises.

Australian public hospitals relying on private patients

By Gary Alvernia, 16 March 2017

Funding cuts initiated by the last federal Labor government have forced hospitals to double the number of private patient services since 2008.

New in Russian

Троцкий Л. «Революция в России» (1917)

16 Мартa 2017 г.

Эта статья была опубликована в нью-йоркском журнале Новый мир 16 (3) марта 1917 года. Позднее она была включена в Сочинения Троцкого, выходившие в 1920-е годы (том 3, часть 1, «От Февраля до Октября». Москва-Ленинград, 1924). Примечания к статье даются по тексту этого издания.

New in Greek

Η Ευρώπη προετοιμάζεται για εμπορικό πόλεμο ενάντια στις ΗΠΑ

Γιοχάννες Στερν, 16 Μαρτίου 2017

Η Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση αντιδρά στην βαθύτερη κρίση από την ίδρυση της και στις διαντλαντικές εντάσεις με μια ευρύτερη στρατιωτικοποίηση της ηπείρου όπως και με προετοιμασίες ενός εμπορικού πολέμου ενάντια στις ΗΠΑ.

New in Spanish

Burguesía estadounidense busca borrar los años sesenta

Por Patrick Martin, 16 marzo 2017

Encarando una oposición meramente simbólica de los demócratas, el gobierno de Trump y los congresistas republicanos están desmantelando los logros sociales de este último periodo de reformas sociales.

¿Se está preparando EE.UU. para librar una guerra contra Corea del Norte?

Por Peter Symonds, 16 marzo 2017

En medio de una estridente campaña mediática para crear una impresión desproporcionada de la amenaza que representa Corea del Norte, el gobierno de Trump declaró considerar “todas las opciones” contra Pyongyang.

Funcionarios de la ONU advierten sobre la peor crisis de hambre desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Por Patrick Martin, 16 marzo 2017

Si bien las adversas condiciones climáticas, particularmente las sequías, son un factor contribuyente a los desastres humanitarios, la causa primaria son las guerras civiles, en las que ambos bandos usan los suministros alimenticios como un arma.

New in French

Les élections néerlandaises et le danger fasciste

Par Peter Schwarz, 16 mars 2017

Le fascisant Geert Wilders a donné le ton à l’ensemble du spectre de la politique néerlandaise, allant du gouvernement conservateur du premier ministre Mark Rutte jusqu’à l’ex-Parti socialiste maoïste.

Le Japon étend ses opérations militaires en Asie

Par Peter Symonds, 16 mars 2017

Tout en collaborant sous l’égide de son alliance stratégique avec les États-Unis, Tokyo se réarme militairement pour poursuivre ses propres ambitions impérialistes.

Le gouvernement britannique va déclencher le Brexit au milieu des appels à un second vote d’indépendance de l’Ecosse

Par Chris Marsden, 16 mars 2017

Au moment où le gouvernement conservateur poursuit ses plans pour quitter l’UE, le Royaume-Uni pourrait être confronté à la même dissolution qui menace l’Union européenne

New in German

Europäischer Gerichtshof erlaubt Kopftuchverbot am Arbeitsplatz

Von Peter Schwarz, 16. März 2017

Die unternehmerische Freiheit steht über der Religionsfreiheit. Das ist die Kernaussage, die der EuGH am Dienstag in zwei Urteilen zum muslimischen Kopftuch getroffen hat.

Britische Regierung leitet den Brexit ein

Von Chris Marsden, 16. März 2017

Die Tory-Regierung verfolgt konsequent ihren Plan, die EU zu verlassen. Gleichzeitig könnte dem Vereinigten Königreich dasselbe passieren wie der Europäischen Union – seine Auflösung.

Japan weitet Militäroperationen in Asien aus

Von Peter Symonds, 16. März 2017

Unter dem Schutz des strategischen Bündnisses mit den USA rüstet Tokio das japanische Militär auf, um seine eigenen imperialistischen Ambitionen durchzusetzen.

Leipzig: „Tsar to Lenin“-Film stößt auf großes Interesse

Von unseren Korrespondenten, 16. März 2017

Die IYSSE und der Mehring Verlag bereiten in Leipzig die Vorführung des Films zur Russischen Revolution im Rahmen der Buchmesse vor.

New in Urdu

یونان میں سیریزاکی غداری کے سیاسی اسباق


آئی سی آئی ایف ہی وہ واحد گروپ تھا جس نے عالمی محنت کشوں کو متنبہ کیا تھا کہ سیریزا کوئی انقلابی پارٹی نہیں بلکہ سرمایہ داری کی حامی اور مزدور دشمن پارٹی ہے.وقت نے سیریزا پر آئی سی آئی ایفکی طرف سے ہونے والی تنقید کو سچ ثابت کر دیا۔

Other Languages


US health care debate: A bipartisan drive to lower life expectancy

16 March 2017

The current debate obscures the basic motivation guiding both big business parties: to restrict access to affordable health care and sharply reduce the lifespan of American workers.

Earlier Perspectives »

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

The Revolution in Russia

By Leon Trotsky, 16 March 2017

In this article, translated for the first time, Trotsky writes, “Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will speak of these days as the beginning of a new epoch in the history of mankind.”

Why Study the Russian Revolution?

By David North, 13 March 2017

We are publishing here the text of a lecture delivered Saturday, March 11 by David North, chairman of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site. This is the first in a series of five international online lectures being presented by the International Committee of the Fourth International to mark the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Watch the live stream of this lecture by David North, the first in a series marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution. The text of the lecture is posted here.

Why Study the Russian Revolution? New pamphlet now available

15 March 2017

In his lecture on March 11, David North answers the question with 10 reasons, followed by a summary of the main events from the February revolution to the October seizure of power by the Bolshevik Party. North’s presentation was the first of five lectures in the ICFI series commemorating the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

Large global turnout for online lecture, “Why Study the Russian Revolution?”

This week in the Russian Revolution
March 13-19: Tsar Nicholas abdicates

13 March 2017

The Romanov Dynasty, which has ruled Russia since 1613, is swept aside by the revolution originating in Petrograd, initiating a period of “dual power” between the Duma and the Soviets.


Raoul Peck’s The Young Karl Marx

By Peter Schwarz, 15 March 2017

The Young Karl Marx, Raoul Peck's biographical portrait of Marx and Engels between 1843 and 1847, opened in movie theaters in New York City and Los Angeles Friday to be followed by a wider US release. We are re-posting the review which originally appeared on the WSWS last March.

The Settlers: Israel’s movement toward an apartheid state


Nationalist groups in Tamil diaspora seek deal with Trump at UN

By Athiyan Silva, 16 March 2017

While the US has abandoned its call for investigation of Sri Lankan civil war atrocities, the Tamil nationalists continue to promote Washington as an ally of the Tamil people and aid its anti-China war drive.

Japan expands military operations in Asia

By Peter Symonds, 15 March 2017

US sends drones, assassination squad to South Korea

Is the US preparing for war against North Korea?

The Michigan power outages and the case for the nationalization of the utility industries

By Jerry White, 15 March 2017

“In our neighborhood, the power goes off whenever the wind blows”
Detroit residents speak on weeklong power outages

On the Communist Party of the Philippines’ support for fascistic President Duterte

By Joseph Santolan, 15 March 2017

US ruling elite moves to repeal the 1960s

A socialist policy for universal health care

Workers Struggles

India: 31 victimized Maruti Suzuki workers convicted on frame-up charges

By Kranti Kumara and Keith Jones, 14 March 2017


Trump’s anti-immigrant orders and the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

By Tom Mackaman, 14 March 2017

There are many parallels—and even a direct connection—between the notorious Fugitive Slave Act and Trump’s executive orders attacking immigrants.

Eighty years since the victory of the Flint sit-down strike—Part one

Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov (1856–1918): His Place in the History of Marxism

New Greek Translation

Greek translation of “Socialism and the centenary of the Russian Revolution: 1917-2017”

We are publishing here the Greek translation of the January 3 perspective article “Socialism and the centenary of the Russian Revolution: 1917-2017” by David North and Joe Kishore.


Civil liberties lawyer Lynne Stewart dies at 77

By Fred Mazelis, 11 March 2017

The defense of immigrant rights

Protesters in Rochester, New York oppose detention of José Coyote Pérez

By our reporters, 14 March 2017

"Anyone whom ICE suspects of crime can be deported"
Interview with Alan Diamante, attorney for detained immigrant Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez

By Zac Corrigan, Marc Wells and Kevin Martinez, 11 March 2017

“This is class warfare!”
Video: Protesters oppose deportation of Rómulo Avelica-González

Video: Daughters of Rómulo Avelica-González, detained for deportation in Los Angeles, speak out

Immigration under capitalism: Life and death along the US-Mexico border
Part Four

By Eric London, 7 March 2017

More on the attacks on immigrants »


New York University students denounce decision against IYSSE club status

By a WSWS reporting team, 9 March 2017

New York University rejects club status for IYSSE for second semester

By Daniel de Vries, 8 March 2017

More on the fight for democratic rights at NYU »

Socialist Equality Party

German ICFI section adopts new name

Socialist Equality Party (Germany), 28 February 2017

Book Review

Secret Affairs: Britain’s collusion with radical Islam
A revealing insight into political criminality and warmongering—Part 2

By Jean Shaoul, 6 March 2017

Secret Affairs: Britain’s collusion with radical Islam
A revealing insight into political criminality and warmongering—Part 1

The Trump Presidency

Nominee for US Food and Drug Administration commissioner has deep ties to drug industry

By Brad Dixon, 15 March 2017

Trump administration document lays out trade war agenda

By Nick Beams, 7 March 2017

As attack on jobs escalates, AFL-CIO chief pledges to “partner” with Trump administration

By Jerry White, 4 March 2017

The Snap IPO: Trump agenda fuels an orgy of speculation

By Nick Beams, 3 March 2017

Trump’s speech outlines plans for class war at home and war abroad

Trump proposes huge hike in military and police spending

More on the Trump presidency »