Millions march against climate change, capitalism and war

By Bryan Dyne and Will Morrow, 21 September 2019

“Any talk about climate change must include socialism and the economic system.”

The only solution to climate change is world socialism

Climate strike protesters speak out: “There’s willful blindness on this issue, because fixing it conflicts with capitalism”

By our reporters, 21 September 2019

US sending more troops to Saudi Arabia amid rising war tensions

By Bill Van Auken, 21 September 2019

The announcement followed a White House meeting between US President Donald Trump and his National Security Council to discuss proposals for military action against Iran.

Trump meets with security council on Iran war plans

Trump reviewing target lists as Iran war threat mounts

Washington steps up threats against Iran over strikes on Saudi oil facilities

More on the war drive in the Middle East »

Wall Street to General Motors: End strike and ram through cuts

By Tom Hall, 21 September 2019

Statements from credit agencies and the financial press demonstrate that striking GM workers are not simply confronting GM CEO Mary Barra and other executives, but the entire capitalist class.

As GM tries to cut health benefits for workers on strike, Federal Reserve prepares more handouts to Wall Street

Autoworkers at GM, Fiat Chrysler and Ford react to UAW’s starvation strike pay

The UAW’s $760 million strike fund: A bonanza for Solidarity House executives but only $250 per week for striking GM workers

“We will not submit, and we will not bow out.”
Hundreds of autoworkers discuss GM strike and global strategy in online meeting

By Marcus Day and Evan Blake, 21 September 2019

Over 300 workers from the US, Mexico, Canada and other countries participated in the second WSWS Autoworker Newsletter online forum, with many expressing their desire to expand the GM strike.

The strike at General Motors: Class struggle vs. the reactionary politics of racial division

The struggle of autoworkers against GM, Ford, and Chrysler requires a global strategy

“Go on strike ‘til you get it right!”
Detroit rapper GmacCash supports striking autoworkers

By Kathleen Martin, 21 September 2019

The former autoworker spoke to the WSWS Autoworker Newsletter about life in the auto plants and why he supports the striking workers.

“Take control of the struggle!” Logistics workers at UPS and FedEx support GM strike, warn of union treachery

By George Marlowe, 21 September 2019

Workers at UPS, where the Teamsters union forced through a sellout last year, and at FedEx are closely watching the GM strike and support a unified struggle of the working class.

“We should all be on strike”
Autoworkers call for industrywide action to back strike by GM workers

By Jerry White, 20 September 2019

India: Motherson auto parts company in Chennai victimises strikers

Hundreds of thousands of Indian auto workers face sackings and wage cuts

Unifor shuts down Nemak auto parts strike in Windsor, Canada

More on autoworkers struggles »

US drone massacre in Afghanistan

By Jacob Crosse, 21 September 2019

At least 30 Afghan farmers and day laborers were killed and 40 others injured Wednesday night in a US drone attack, despite previous notification given to local officials of farming activity in the area.

University of Chicago nurses locked out for conducting a one-day strike

By Benjamin Mateus, 21 September 2019

More than 2,200 nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center who conducted a one-day strike face a five-day lockout as temporary nurses were hired to fill in.

US healthcare workers face rise in workplace violence

Strike date of October 14 set for 80,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers across US

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren mixes anti-corruption demagogy with identity politics at New York City rally

By Sandy English, 21 September 2019

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sought to bolster illusions that the Democratic Party is capable of reining in the domination of the US government by the super-rich.

Corbyn tries to unite Labour Party to solve Brexit crisis for ruling class

By Thomas Scripps, 21 September 2019

The Labour Party conference beginning Saturday will be dominated by the conflict over the party’s Brexit policy.

Jordanian teachers continue strike into second week

By Jean Shaoul, 21 September 2018

The teachers’ strike comes at a time of mounting anger over the soaring cost of living and the detention of activists calling for political reform.

India’s top court greenlights New Delhi prolonging Kashmir state-of-siege indefinitely

By Wasantha Rupasinghe, 21 September 2019

India’s Hindu-supremacist BJP government has imposed an unprecedented security clampdown to suppress mass opposition to the constitutional coup it mounted against Kashmir August 5.

Bushfires in Australia: Another symptom of climate change

By Frank Gaglioti, 21 September 2019

Early spring fires are an “omen” of an unprecedented and disastrous season ahead due to hot, windy and dry conditions.

Older people keep working due to economic necessity in Australia

By Margaret Rees, 21 September 2019

The development of technology should mean working lives are shortened, but under the capitalist profit system people are forced to work longer.

20 September 2019

Immigrant shot by ICE agents two weeks ago detained in lawyer’s parking lot in Nashville, Tennessee

By Casey Gold, 20 September 2019

Inspector general report details Trump’s abuse of immigrant children

No letup in Trump’s war on immigrants as 37-year-old Mexican man dies in ICE custody

The bipartisan attack on the right to asylum

More on North American immigrant issues »

One year since Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley gas explosions

By Mike Ingram, 20 September 2019

Germany: How the secret service and far-right AfD organised the ban on the “linksunten.indymedia” website

By Peter Schwarz, 20 September 2019

UK government, police prevent coroner’s inquest into Manchester Arena bombing

By Robert Stevens, 20 September 2019

British postal workers to hold strike ballot to defend jobs and conditions

By Steve James, 20 September 2019

Confrontation with China focus of Australian prime minister’s state visit to Washington

By James Cogan, 20 September 2019

New in Russian

Эта неделя в истории
25 лет назад: Кастро склоняется перед империализмом по вопросу иммиграции

21 сентября 2019 г.

9 сентября 1994 года между правительствами Кастро и Клинтона было подписано соглашение о предотвращении дальнейшего неконтролируемого потока иммиграции, идущего с Кубы в Соединенные Штаты. Эта сделка стала еще одним шагом в цепи капитуляций буржуазно-националистического режима Кастро перед империализмом.

New in Portuguese

Trabalhadores brasileiros da GM falam sobre a greve nos EUA

Repórteres do WSWS, 21 Setembro 2019

Os trabalhadores brasileiros da GM reconhecem cada vez mais que todos os problemas que eles enfrentam são os mesmos dos seus irmãos de classe nos EUA e ao redor do mundo.

New in Turkish

Trump, İran’a yönelik savaş planları için güvenlik konseyini topladı

Bill Van Auken, 21 Eylül 2019

ABD Başkanı Donald Trump, 20 Eylül günü, İran’a karşı askeri bir saldırı için önerilerini dinlemek üzere Ulusal Güvenlik Konseyi’ni topladı.

New in Spanish

Las fotos con la “cara negra” de Trudeau: cómo y cómo no oponerse al Gobierno liberal de Canadá

Keith Jones, 21 septiembre 2019

La clase obrera debe oponerse al Gobierno liberal de Trudeau, pero debe ser desde su punto de vista de clase sin verse enredada en intrigas y provocaciones de los oponentes políticos patronales de los liberales.

Trump se reúne con el consejo de seguridad sobre planes de guerra contra Irán

Bill Van Auken, 21 septiembre 2019

Hasta el momento, Washington no ha presentado ni una pizca de evidencia de que Irán fue responsable de los ataques, que han sido aprovechados como pretexto para escalar una guerra por el cambio de régimen.

Los trabajadores automotores de GM, Fiat Chrysler y Ford reaccionaron al sueldo de hambre para la huelga dado por el UAW

Tom Hall, 21 septiembre 2019

El artículo de ayer detallando cómo los oficiales han utilizado el fondo de huelga como una caja negra generó una fuerte respuesta de parte de los trabajadores automotores.

Cientos de miles de trabajadores automotores indios enfrentan despidos y recortes salariales

Saman Gunadasa, 21 septiembre 2019

El asalto a los trabajadores indios es parte del creciente ataque global a los empleos, salarios y condiciones laborales de los trabajadores automotores en los Estados Unidos, Canadá, México, Europa y Asia.

New in French

Trump rencontre le Conseil de sécurité au sujet des plans de guerre contre l’Iran

Bill Van Auken, 21 septembre 2019

Washington n’a pas encore présenté la moindre preuve de la responsabilité de l’Iran dans les attaques en Arabie saoudite, attaques qui lui servent de prétexte pour intensifier une guerre de changement de régime.

Les «blackface» de Trudeau: Que faire, et ne pas faire, pour s’opposer au gouvernement libéral du Canada

Keith Jones, 21 septembre 2019

La classe ouvrière doit s’opposer au gouvernement libéral de Trudeau, mais elle doit le faire selon sa propre position de classe et sans se laisser piéger dans les intrigues et les provocations des opposants politiques des libéraux.

Le fonds de grève de 760 millions de dollars de l’UAW: une manne pour les dirigeants de la Solidarity House mais seulement 250 dollars par semaine pour les travailleurs de GM en grève

Eric London, 21 septembre 2019

Le refus de la part de l’UAW de fournir le soutien financier adéquat pour la grève révèle le conflit d’intérêts incommensurable entre la direction du syndicat et les travailleurs de la base.

Allemagne: Comment les services secrets et l’AfD d'extrême droite ont organisé l’interdiction du site web «linksunten.indymedia»

Peter Schwarz, 21 septembre 2019

La cessation des poursuites pénales confirme le fait que l'interdiction du site Web fût un acte de censure politique auquel le ministère de l'Intérieur, les services secrets et l'Alternative pour l'Allemagne (AfD) d'extrême droite ont étroitement collaboré.

New in German

Trudeaus „Blackface“-Fotos: Wie man den Kampf gegen die liberale Regierung Kanadas führen sollte – und wie nicht

Keith Jones, 21. September 2019

Die Arbeiterklasse muss sich der Trudeau-Regierung widersetzen. Aber sie muss dies aus ihrer eigenen Klassenperspektive tun, ohne sich in die Intrigen und Provokationen der rechten Gegner der Liberalen hineinziehen zu lassen.

Millionen protestieren gegen den Klimawandel

unseren Reportern, 21. September 2019

Insgesamt fanden in mehr als 150 Ländern Proteste statt. Allein in Deutschland beteiligten sich laut „Fridays for Future“ mehr als 1,4 Millionen Menschen. Es waren die größten Demonstrationen seit den Massenprotesten gegen den Irakkrieg im Februar 2003.

Streik der General-Motors-Arbeiter in den USA
Ford-Arbeiter in Köln dringen auf internationale Zusammenarbeit

Dietmar Gaisenkersting, 21. September 2019

Die Ford-Arbeiter in Köln sind wie ihre Kollegen in den USA nicht nur mit den internationalen Konzernen konfrontiert, sondern auch mit den Gewerkschaften und den Betriebsräten, die vorgeben ihre Interessen zu vertreten.

Das rechtsextreme Netzwerk des Lübcke-Mörders

Peter Schwarz, 21. September 2019

Drei Monate nach dem Mord am Kasseler Regierungspräsidenten Walter Lübcke verdichten sich die Hinweise, dass der CDU-Politiker Opfer eines rechtsextremen Netzwerkes wurde, das tief in den staatlichen Sicherheitsapparat hineinreicht.

Rom: Macron und Steinmeier diskutieren über neue Maßnahmen gegen Flüchtlinge

Alex Lantier, 21. September 2019

Der Weggang der Neofaschisten aus der italienischen Regierung hat keine weniger militaristische oder weniger flüchtlingsfeindliche Politik zur Folge.

New in Norwegian

Trump møter sitt sikkerhetsråd om krigsplaner mot Iran

Bill Van Auken, 21. september 2019

Washington har foreløpig ikke fremlagt et fnugg av bevis for Irans ansvar for angrepene mot Saudi-Arabia, som gripes til som påskudd for eskaleringen av krig for regimeskifte.

Bilarbeidere ved GM, Ford og Fiat Chrysler reagerer på UAWs sultelønn som streikekompensasjon

Tom Hall, 21. september 2019

Gårsdagens artikkel som beskriver hvordan fagforeningen har brukt streikefondet som et sl ush-fond for UAW-representanter, frembrakte en sterk respons fra bilarbeidere.

India: Bildelprodusenten Motherson, Chennai trakasserer streikende arbeidere

Arun Kumar, 21. september 2019

Selskapet er Indias innenlandsbilindustris største leverandør av støpte deler, monteringer og moduler.

Tyskland: Hvordan den hemmelige etterretningen og ytrehøyrepartiet AfD organiserte forbud av nettstedet «linksunten.indymedia»

Peter Schwarz, 21. september 2019

Nedleggelsen av straffesaksprosessen bekrefter at forbudet mot nettstedet var en politisk sensurhandling i tett samarbeid mellom innenriksdepartementet, den hemmelige etterretningen og det høyreekstreme partiet Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

Julian Assange: Den unevnelige, når Australias statssjef trakteres av Trump

Oscar Grenfell, 21. september 2019

Hadde Assange vært fengslet av enten det kinesiske, russiske eller iranske regimet, da hadde responsen fra den australske regjeringen uten tvil vært veldig annerledes.

Other Languages


As Trump threatens war on Iran:
Chelsea Manning imprisoned without charge for six months for refusing to testify against Julian Assange

21 September 2019

Manning helped expose the vast scale of the violence unleashed upon the people of the Middle East by the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Featured Commentary

The World Capitalist Crisis and the Tasks of the Fourth International: An analysis of the ICFI Perspectives resolution of 1988

By Andre Damon, 20 September 2019

The International Committee’s response to the “End of History”: The March 1992 Plenum of the ICFI

The Dissolution of the USSR and the Unipolar Moment of US Imperialism

China: Thirty years since the Tiananmen Square massacre

The Political Origins and Consequences of the 1982–86 Split in the International Committee of the Fourth International

A major exhibition at New York City’s Museum of Jewish Heritage
The story of Auschwitz

By Fred Mazelis, 17 September 2019

The New York Times’ 1619 Project: A racialist falsification of American and world history

By Niles Niemuth, Tom Mackaman and David North, 3 September 2019

“1619” and the myth of white unity under slavery
Book review: Masterless Men: Poor Whites and Slavery in the Antebellum South by Keri Leigh Merritt

By Eric London, 9 September 2019

Free Assange and Manning

Julian Assange: The great unmentionable as Australian leader wines and dines with Trump

By Oscar Grenfell, 20 September 2019

UK “justice” system tortures Julian Assange, treats fascist Tommy Robinson with kid gloves

Attend September 28 demonstration at London’s Belmarsh prison to demand freedom for Julian Assange!

By our reporter, 20 September 2019

The rally has been called by the Julian Assange Defence Committee (JADC) to demand Assange’s freedom from the high-security jail in London.

British judge jails Assange indefinitely, despite end of prison sentence

By Oscar Grenfell, 14 September 2019

Pamela Anderson defends Julian Assange: “Journalism is not a crime!”

By Oscar Grenfell, 13 September 2019

Pamela Anderson defends Assange, challenges McCain’s daughter on US TV

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood visits Assange: “He’s a freedom fighter!”

More on the campaign to Free Assange and Manning »

Arts Review

Toronto International Film Festival 2019: Part 3
The personal and social tragedy of “dark periods”: Ibrahim: A Fate to Define, South Terminal, My English Cousin, 1982

By David Walsh, 20 September 2019

Toronto International Film Festival 2019
An interview with Lina Al Abed, director of Ibrahim: A Fate to Define: “We Palestinians need to look at our recent history with a more critical and objective eye”

By David Walsh, 20 September 2019

Toronto International Film Festival 2019: Part 2
Love Child, Hearts and Bones, Atlantics: A Ghost Love Story—Some of the social traumas of our time

By Joanne Laurier, 18 September 2019

Toronto International Film Festival 2019
An interview with director Eva Mulvad: “You can…come a bit closer to having a more rounded understanding of the world”

By Joanne Laurier, 18 September 2019

Toronto International Film Festival 2019: Part 1
Paris Stalingrad: The plight of refugees in the French capital, once “one of the best cities”

An interview with Hind Meddeb, director of Paris Stalingrad: “It’s not a film about refugees, it’s a film about human beings”

Official Secrets: A whistleblower attempts to prevent the Iraq War

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and New Zealand
GM workers in South Korea strike over wages; Pakistan higher education teachers walkout; Psychologists continue industrial action in New Zealand

21 September 2019

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Thousands of Sri Lankan university workers demonstrate in Colombo

By our correspondents, 19 September 2019

UK lecturers and academic staff ballot to strike against huge pension and pay cuts

By Alice Summers, 18 September 2019

French transit workers strike against attack on pensions

By Will Morrow, 14 September 2019

Defending pensions against Macron requires an international political strategy

By Alex Lantier, 14 September 2019


Stunning discovery of pre-human fossil skull in Ethiopia

By Frank Gaglioti, 19 September 2019

Video: Paleoanthropologist Yohannes Haile-Selassie explains the significance of the discovery

19 September 2019

Hubble Space Telescope detects water vapor on habitable-zone exoplanet

By Bryan Dyne, 13 September 2019


Trudeau’s “blackface” photos: How to oppose Canada’s Liberal government, and how not to

20 September 2019

Inconclusive second elections intensify Israel’s political crisis

By Jean Shaoul, 19 September 2019

What is at stake in the British Supreme Court’s ruling on the proroguing of Parliament?

By Thomas Scripps, 18 September 2019

Boris Johnson gets short shrift from European Union leaders in Brexit talks

The Brexit crisis and the struggle for the unity and political independence of the working class

More on Brexit »

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE lecture series in Australia
Seventy years after the Chinese Revolution: How the struggle for socialism was betrayed

9 September 2019

Socialist Equality Party

UK public meetings—The Socialist answer to Brexit: For the United Socialist States of Europe

18 September 2019

Build action committees! Expand the strike!
A socialist perspective for the Sri Lankan university employees’ struggle

the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 10 September 2019

Stop the deportation of the Biloela refugee family from Australia!

the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 4 September 2019

German Socialist Equality Party answers legal document from Verfassungsschutz Secret Service

By Peter Schwarz, 28 August 2019

Stop the right-wing conspiracy! Defend the SGP against the Verfassungsschutz secret service!

Autoworkers struggles

GM shuts off healthcare for striking autoworkers, begins to use scabs in attempt to break strike

By Jerry White and Tom Hall, 19 September 2019

“The union is a company now”
Striking GM autoworkers call for expansion of strike to Ford and Fiat Chrysler, denounce UAW sabotage

Striking GM workers arrested in Spring Hill, Tennessee for blocking scab truck

GM hiring scabs to replace strikers at Missouri and Texas assembly plants

Trump administration intervenes in bid to shut down GM strike

Video: Fiat Chrysler workers support GM strike, demand joint fight

Video: Striking GM workers in Flint, Michigan discuss key issues in their fight

“We will not accept an increase in production”
GM workers in Mexico hold assembly to discuss strike in the United States

Australian workers and youth back striking US autoworkers

Video: GM workers speak out on strike

Hundreds of autoworkers discuss contract fight with GM, Ford and Chrysler in online meeting

By Marcus Day, 13 September 2019

UAW President Jones, former President Williams identified as co-conspirators in corruption scandal one day before contracts expire

By Tom Hall, 14 September 2019

On eve of contract expiration: Vance Pearson, top lieutenant to UAW president Gary Jones, arrested for embezzlement

As union prepares sell-out of their struggle
Unifor President Jerry Dias addresses Nemak workers in Windsor

By Carl Bronski, 13 September 2019

UAW apologists try to cover up corruption scandal

By Jerry White, 10 September 2019

Autoworkers must form rank-and-file committees to counter UAW conspiracy

By the WSWS Autoworker Newsletter, 6 September 2019

More on autoworkers struggles »

25 years ago: Clinton orders US invasion of Haiti

On September 19, 1994, the Clinton administration launched “Operation Uphold Democracy” in Haiti, sending troops to occupy the Caribbean island under the guise of fighting against dictatorship in an effort to restore ousted Jean-Bertrand Aristide to the presidency.

More »

50 years ago: Strike wave in Western Europe

European strikes continued to build momentum this week in 1969. On September 18, thousands of West German public service workers walked off the job in West Berlin, Munich, and Nuremburg. The unauthorized strikes, carried out before the expiration of contracts, included bus, subway, and sanitation workers.

More »

75 years ago: Danish workers strike against Nazi occupation

This week in September 1944, Nazi authorities launched a wave of repression in Denmark in a bid to quell a strike that had erupted against the German occupation of the country.

More »

100 years ago: Boston Police Commissioner refuses to rehire striking cops

On September 17, 1919, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Curtis announced that striking policemen would not be rehired and that he intended to establish an entirely new police force in the city, amid fears that the week-old walkout could lead to a citywide general strike.

More »

On the anniversary of 9/11

The World Socialist Web Site has an unparalleled record of articles and commentary on the terrorist attacks of September 11, their origins and political consequences. In the 18 years since, the perspective advanced by the WSWS since the day of the attack has been entirely confirmed—a vindication of the power of Marxist analysis and principled politics.

The two articles below were published by the WSWS in the days following the attacks.

The political roots of the terror attack on New York and Washington

By the WSWS Editorial Board, 12 September 2001

Anti-Americanism: The “anti-imperialism” of fools

By David North and David Walsh, 22 September 2001

Mehring Books

Preface to the Turkish edition of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

By David North, 2 September 2019

Preview the new publication from Mehring Books
Author’s introduction to Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928-1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition

By Vadim Rogovin, 30 August 2019

Now available from Mehring Books
Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928-1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition by Vadim Z. Rogovin

Vadim Rogovin, author of Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928-1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition
In memory of Vadim Z. Rogovin

By David North

The 2020 US Elections

Amy Klobuchar: The favorite Democrat of Senate Republicans

By George Gallanis, 19 August 2019

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: #MeToo, McCarthyism and machine politics

By Josh Varlin, 12 August 2019

Book Review

Book Review: Red State Revolt – Part II
The Democratic Socialists of America shows its hostility to socialism

By Nancy Hanover, 10 August 2019

Part II of the review of a new book by Eric Blanc of the DSA. See Part I

Book Review: Red State Revolt – Part I
The DSA’s dishonest and self-serving account of the US teachers’ strikes

By Nancy Hanover, 8 August 2019

International Online May Day Rally 2019

Opening report to Online International May Day Rally
The resurgence of class struggle and the fight for socialism

By David North, 6 May 2019

The future lies in socialism

By Joseph Kishore, 13 May 2019

On May 4, the International Committee of the Fourth International held its annual International May Day Online Rally, with speakers and participants from throughout the world. Readers can listen to the entire rally here.