Letters on “The presidential press conference”

11 March 2003

The following is a selection of letters on “The presidential press conference” by David North

I have always admired David North’s writing talents, but with this excellent story, he has reached a new zenith!! He expressed every thought I had and then some It is no mystery why Bush is allowed only very rare exposure for his low IQ utterances.

It is amazing that there is no outcry in the United States of Aggression against this patent tissue of lies and propaganda. Shows how low the nation has sunk.

Please keep up the good work.


9 March 2003

Dear Mr. North,

This was an important article. A few of your words near the end, though, really expressed what I have been experiencing for months while watching and/or reading mainstream media. First, “To listen to Bush meander aimlessly from one absurdity to another requires not only the suspension of one’s judgment, but that one suspend all cognitive activity,” made me laugh, albeit ruefully because of its truthfulness. I would add that it creates a feeling not unlike car-sickness. Dramamine tablets should be provided to anyone made to listen.

Second, “Even those of us who, by dint of professional responsibility, are obliged to listen and read what the president says cannot help but feel that they ahve been somehow degraded by the experience,” captures my personal reaction perfectly. Although I am not obliged to listen in a professional capacity, as a citizen and human being, I think it behooves one to follow what is going on, even if it means listening to someone as sickening as Bush and his sidekicks. However, I always feel afterwards as though I’m recovering from intense electro-shock therapy.

I am forwarding this piece to everyone I can think of to remind them of the truth.


10 March 2003

Dear Sir:

I congratulate you on an excellent piece. Maybe I think it’s excellent because your description and analysis jibes perfectly with my own.


Encino, California

10 March 2003

Dear Mr. North,

I want to thank you for a uniquely truthful article. I often feel as if I were unconsciously cast into another remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” as no one seems to have the guts or intelligence to either perceive, or to report what is so glaringly apparent. I was also enlightened by many of the details of various agency investigations into the so-called Iraq crisis.

I rarely encounter someone as driven and lucid as you seem to be.

Thanks again for the article and for your time.


10 March 2003

Dear WSWS:

I was married to a pathological liar.......I know one when I see one. Not only do they appear sincere (and frequently stupid), they make you believe they believe the lie, and you get sucked in. Not this time, though; fool me once........(didn’t our fearless leader—-or, as I refer to him, His Obtuseness—-screw that one up also).


9 March 2003

The David North article — incredibly well written and informative. EVERYONE should be reading this!

Thank you.


9 March 2003

David North...

Thank you for your article on the insulting spectacle that was called a press conference. One could only feel shame, contempt, rage, and utter grief. Those horrible people have got to go before they defile the People’s House any further.


9 March 2003

Dear Mr. North:

Thanks for the article. I’m afraid it revealed more than I expected. I must’ve grown so used to presidential storytelling that it didn’t occur to me to be upset that the story was false and illogical. I’ve just come to expect it. Thank you for reminding me that perhaps I shouldn’t be so accepting.



9 March 2003