SEP (Australia) July 7 online lecture

A new period of socialist revolution and the tasks of the Fourth International

4 July 2020

The Socialist Equality Party (Australia) is holding an online lecture this Tuesday, July 7, to by Nick Beams, a prominent writer for the WSWS who has played a leading role in the world Trotskyist movement for more than four decades.

The event is the sixth and final in a series of lectures under the title “Why Study the History of Trotskyism.”

Beams will review some of the main themes of the earlier lectures, including the decisive significance of the protracted struggle by the Trotskyist movement against Stalinism, social-democracy and all forms of national-opportunism.

The lecture will outline the contemporary relevance of this fight, which has been central to an elaboration of a socialist and internationalist perspective of the working class. It will detail the contemporary breakdown of capitalism, exemplified by the coronavirus pandemic and the homicidal response to it by governments internationally.

Beams will explain that the crisis is bringing billions of people face to face with the necessity for a revolutionary struggle against capitalism and is accelerating an upsurge of class struggle. In these conditions, the perspective of world socialist revolution, defended by the Trotskyist movement for decades, acquires a burning actuality. The critical issue is to build the political leadership that can guide the emerging struggles to victory.

The event is on the Zoom platform at 7 p.m. (Australian Eastern Standard Time), July 7.

To participate, download the app or join on a web browser, and click on this link before the lecture begins.