Industrial & Nuclear Accidents

Huge death toll in Bangladesh factory collapse

By Sarath Kumara and Wimal Perera, 25 April 2013

At least 149 workers were confirmed dead as of Thursday morning, but the figure is likely to rise as more bodies are recovered.

West, Texas residents survey explosion aftermath

By Naomi Spencer, 22 April 2013

Some residents were allowed to return to the five-block blast area around the West Fertilizer Plant that had been closed off since the disaster.

Texas plant explosion highlights gutting of health and safety rules

By Andre Damon, 20 April 2013

Occupational Safety and Health Administration records show that the last time the agency inspected the plant was 28 years ago.

Bangladesh legislates for garment worker unions

By Wimal Perera and Sarath Kumara, 23 July 2012

Amid fears of mass workers’ struggles, the government has given the green light for trade unions as another mechanism for suppressing workers.

After San Bruno firestorm

California energy giant PG&E releases list of 100 most dangerous gas pipelines

By Kevin Kearney, 25 September 2010

Following the San Bruno explosion, PG&E has released a list of the most dangerous sections of gas pipeline in Northern and Central California. This has only heightened concerns that the region is sitting on a number of gas explosion “time bombs.”